Monday, May 23, 2011

Tremor Hits Kigali Monday Morning

A tremor was experienced in Kigali, Rwanda at about 6.30 am on Monday morning. Various residents in the city and indeed in the country confirmed experiencing it with some saying that they heard loud bangs/explosions thereafter.

However, Michael Biryabarema, the Director General of Rwanda Geology and Mines Authority, pointed out that the tremor had not been recorded in a number of centers and as such it was hard to get more details about it

Meanwhile, neighbouring DRC also experienced it and Dieudonne Wagula, the man responsible for the Goma Volcano Observatory confirmed that the tremor was strongly felt in his country.

It was well recorded at the station Luilo located almost 133 km from the epicenter. The epicenter from Luilo to Bukavu is 133 km, it was not strong, its magnitude was 2.5 only. It was very shallow so it was very superficial to
the surface. That's how although the magnitude was small, it was strongly felt.

The tremor lasted for a very short time in Kigali and was not followed by any earth quake or any aftershocks. The director general of Rwanda Geology and Mines Authority however added that people who live in areas prone to earthquakes occasionally go through drills to prepare them for such occurrences.

To those who don’t know what to do, he advised that you should not seek cover in places that are likely to get damaged. The authority is planning to come up with centres in Huye, Rusizi and Musanze to help in monitoring such activity in the future.

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