Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kavumbagu Released from Burundian Jail

The Burundian journalist Jean-Claude Kavumbagu, who is also the editor of online publication-Net Press was released from prison on Monday night after ten months behind bars. 

The District Court of Bujumbura had issued its verdict and dropped the charges of treason against him. Prosecutors had recommended a sentence of life imprisonment on the 13th of April.
In a phone interview with Contact FM, Alexander Niyungeko, President of the Union of Journalists in Burundi expressed his satisfaction over the release adding that the prosecutor’s conviction had no merit because the prosecution was unable to prove what they called the publication of anything likely to affect the national economy and state security.
Jean-Claude Kavumbagu reported mixed feelings about the verdict of the court because he feels that his article was merely an opinion, which did not point any accusing fingers at anyone.

Despite this, the journalist revealed that he will continue working soon and continue fighting for the decriminalization of press offenses. This was
Kavumbagu’s fifth trip in jail on libel charges.

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