Wednesday, May 18, 2011

FDC Claims Government Sabotage Over Protest

The Forum for Democratic Change party has said government intends to plant stone throwers among peaceful demonstrators to get an excuse to use excessive force and disperse them.

In a press statement released Monday, the FDC information secretary, Wafula Oguttu, said they had reliable information to support their statement and that they indeed say on Entebe road that those who throw stones from among their supporters were mostly agent provocateurs embedded by government to spoil their image and to give their torturers a justification to “crush and devour them like samosas.” 

But the police in Kampala says that it has challenged the opposition to present their evidence on these allegations. FDC said that party officials had intended to prevail on their party leader Kizza Besigye to avoid Tuesday’s walk-to-work protest because his health.

Meanwhile, Kiza Besigye’s wife says he's unable to leave his home though the government denies he's under house arrest. His wife said Monday that their home is surrounded by security forces, with reports of there being roadblocks nearby.

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