Thursday, May 5, 2011

EALA Discuss Ecosystems Law

Members of East African Legislative Assembly-EALA Committee on Agriculture, Tourism and Natural Resources held a consultative meeting with officials from the Agriculture and Natural Resources institutions from all the five EAC states.
The meeting was aimed at undertaking a comprehensive review of the EAC Trans-boundary Ecosystems Bill of 2010 and put together the partner’s inputs so as to enrich this Bill. Ugandan EALA member Michael Sebalu led the delegation of the region’s legislatures.
The outstanding issue in the whole exercise MICHAEL says is that the region is creating a legal framework of managing ecosystems shared by the region for the better of the generations to come.
The bill is at the stage of “Public hearing”.The permanent secretary of the ministry of East African Community affairs, Robert Saali has hinted that there is a comprehensive plan by the secretariat to put up a sensitization and awareness creation on the bill once it comes into law.

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