Monday, May 16, 2011

Huye Orphans Waiting to Exhale

And to our human interest story of the day, when you talk about the plight that orphans face in their day to day life, the list is endless. Contact FM embarked on a fact finding mission in Huye district of the Southern Province in Rwamiro sector, and our reporters found out a story that is so heartening.
A group of 64 orphans all clumped up in a two roomed house.
Richard Ndayambaje reports…
“…You cannot sleep in this room, the mattress only fits two people and it doesn’t accommodate their entire body, we spread the mattress like this and put only the upper part of the body and the legs on the mats. If we can get where to sleep comfortably, that would be very good…”
These are just among the various plights these young orphans are going through, even as they continue to ponder over how their tomorrow will be like.

“…About eating, as orphans its difficult. As you can see, this house has two parts, one for boys and the other for girls. We live in difficult conditions. 64 people in one house, it’s congested, sleeping is not easy. Life is not easy. Almost all of us are school children. As you can see we stay to cater for those who are not around. We are like their mothers and fathers.
We live a difficult life but we thank God. For us to be alive, the only thing we do is cultivate, we have no other job that gives us income, and those who come depend on that little money we make."
The plight of orphans is known worldwide, however the issue has always been how to assist them. The good thing about these orphans is that they already have an idea of how they would like to be assisted.

“…If we can be given cows, because we still have our parents land and we don’t have anything to do with it. We can put those cows in that land and care for them; we would get manure to put in our gardens to increase the production.

" We can manage them because we have Napier grass. It can help us and our colleagues who come. We would sell the milk because we have a dairy neighboring us. It would even help our colleagues who might not be around.
Indeed a touching story there of orphans who are focused on making their tomorrow, a better day.

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