Monday, May 9, 2011

CEPGL Could Ease Travel Between Member States

The Economic Community of the Great Lakes countries better known by its French acronym-CEPGL; is discussing the prospect of having a single travel document that can be used by nationals of the three countries-Rwanda, Burundi and the DRC. 

This travel document, once agreed upon and adopted, will not require nationals to pay any visa entry fees and will allow them to move more freely in the three countries. This is one of the main items on the agenda in a meeting attended by Director Generals and Commissioners of the migration services of the CEPGL in Kigali on Monday. According to Herman Tuyaga, the Executive Secretary of CEPGL, the use of a single travel document for the 3 countries will ensure economic integration and limit the movement of criminals within member states.

Tuyaga also added that to ensure fair treatment, this new travel document to be adopted within the CEPGL should cost the same in all the 3 countries. Currently, this is what is paid for one to obtain the travel documents that have been in use so far.

Herman Tuyaga, there; he is the Executive Secretary of CEPGL. This special travel document is set to be valid for one year and will be issued by the Immigration Services of the respective countries. The travel document will also permit those living in border areas to use their national identity cards provided that the duration of their stay in the host country does not exceed 3 days.

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