Monday, May 23, 2011

Researchers Meet in Bid to Enhance Agro-Marketing

A group of researchers is in the country for one week to discuss a project aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of agricultural markets. The head of the research group, Dr. Alexandre Ryambabaje, says farmers need to be informed about what their market entails so that they can benefit from it.

He added that most times information availed today, is mainly usable by policy makers and the researchers are looking for ways it can trickle down to farmers and traders and be able to be used by them.

The research is being conducted by people who are experts in data collection from the three countries that are part of the project-Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. The project is also aimed at improving collaboration amongst the three countries and work on having new systems that will enable farmers get inputs at the right time.

Dr. Alexandre Ryambabaje, the head of the group of researchers working on harmonization of methodologies for agricultural markets data collection and dissemination in Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda.

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