Monday, May 16, 2011

Transport Owners Defend Themselves Over Accidents

The owners of public transport buses are defending themselves against allegations that the high speeding by drivers is caused by pressure to make more money causing accidents.
Last week, we went out to find out why drivers drive at high speed. Isaac Kisangani is one of the drivers we spoke to .He pointed out pressure by their employers to make more money as one of s the reasons why drivers choose to drive at  high speed for more passengers.

Today Conatct fm spoke to Issa Ngeze who is the director of International Express, one of the transport companies and former vice chairman of ATRACO. He said that this pressure is mainly on drivers in Kigali. Issa suggests that there should be a follow up on  individual irresponsible drivers by police.

The rate of accidents in Rwanda is  said to be the lowest in the region. However, accidents in the past weeks have attracted the public attention.

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