Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Health Ministry Declares Rwanda to be Ready for Ebola Outbreak

And just a day after Contact FM reported on the Ebola outbreak in neighboring Uganda, we have come to learn that Rwanda’s health ministry Monday met to strategize ways of ensuring the hemorrhagic disease does not spread to the country.

Corine Karema the acting director general of the center for treatment and research, TRAC plus, and she confirmed it to Contact FM that even if the disease were to strike, Rwanda has adequate equipment to deal with the deadly virus.
Corine Karema there the acting director general of Trac plus insisting that there is no need for panic on the onset of the Ebola outbreak in neighboring Kampala as so far there is only one person who has died from the deadly virus.
We also spoke to the Health Ministry in Uganda who said that so far there have no new cases recorded apart from the 33 people who were under surveillance, whose tests have turned negative. Meanwhile the type of the recent Ebola has been established to be the Sudan type.
It is a disease that is known to have no cure, and it is not new to Uganda. It has been hit twice with major outbreaks in the year 2000 and 2007.

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