Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Muhanga District Residents Seek Redress Over Mining Activities

Over 40 residents who were affected by Soil Erosion in March have raised concerns over not being compensated after that incident.
The people affected were from Muvumba cell in Nyabinoni sector of Muhanga District in the southern province. The people allege that the erosion was caused by a company that was extracting coltan in the area and did not clear its mess/debris and as such causing the erosion.
The people further say they were promised compensation thereafter and that has not yet taken place. Rugigana Damien is one of the residents who was affected.
Contact FM spoke to Michael Biryabarema, the Director General of Rwanda Geology and Mines Authority who said that in such instances, people should raise their grievances with the local authorities or with the body he’s in charge of, for such issues to be addressed.
Residents in this area however say that the sector officials had already paid them a visit and made a count of all they had lost but no compensation has come their way since.
The Executive Secretary of Nyabinoni sector, Aimable Musabwa assured Contact FM that the matter will be handled and that a solution will be provided next month.

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