Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rwandan Journalist Arrested for Extortion

Police on Monday apprehended Ephrem Nsengumuremyi who is the owner and journalist of the weekly INGENZI publication. He is accused of threatening to write a compromising article about a state official, if his demand to be given a certain sum of money was not honored.

Theos Badege, the spokesman of the National Police confirmed the arrest. The spokesman said the police need more time to clarify the nature and exact name of the alleged crime that the police had described as corruption.
Gaspard Safari, the president of the Rwanda Journalists Association, also confirmed this incident stating that the official is indeed from the Ministry of Agriculture and termed the case as unfortunate.
Nsengumuremyi, the suspect in question, is still in custody but is currently admitted in the police hospital in Kacyiru as his health has deteriorated. The Police was aware of the case since the official had reportedly raised a complaint with the police beforehand.

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