Monday, May 16, 2011

Burundian Journalist Jailed for Eight Months

A court in Burundi Monday sentenced Jean Claude Kavubangu a journalist, to eight months in prison for violating media laws over comments that the country’s security forces could not deter an attack by Somali rebels.
This comes barely two months ago when Burundi’s prosecution requested a life sentence for Kavubangu over the same remarks.
The court however quashed treason and other serious charges against Jean Claude who is expected to be freed after having already served 9 months behind bars.
Even with this acquittal, Kavubangu was further fined with 100,000 Burundian francs for breaking media laws.
This was the 5th time KAVUMBAGU had been imprisoned while exercising his profession, he was last detained in September 2008 still on defamation charges but he was cleared and released in March 2009.

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