Monday, May 16, 2011

Civil Rights Groups to Monitor Use of Public Funds

The Rwandan Collective of Leagues and Associations for the Defense of Human Rights, better known by its French acronym, CLADHO; plans on tracking government allocations to different sectors in an effort to make sure that there is good allocation of funds to projects set to benefit the people.

Alexis Nkurunziza is in charge of public policy advocacy at CLADHO, he says they are at the stage of sensitizing people on the role they should play to ensure that projects meant to benefit them actually do and next year the main process of tracking will begin.

Nkurunziza specifically singled out the education sector as one facing several challenges and thus the need for these issues to be dealt with. Nkurunziza was speaking while at a visit to Tanzania, where CLADHO officials met with officials of a civil society organization known as HAKI ELIMU that advocates for quality education in Tanzania.

HAKI ELIMU has put in strategies like the public expenditure tracking survey which tracks government funds allocated to the education sector. It works with various stakeholders and the members of the public-something that CLADHO wants to embark on come next year.

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