Monday, May 23, 2011

Rwanda Focus and Orinfor in Renewed Media Duel

The accusations and counter accusation between the national broadcaster (Orinfor) and Shyaka Kanuma of the Rwanda Focus newspaper just don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon with Kanuma saying he is yet to unearth even more damning information about the Director General of the National Broadcasting Bureau.

On May 15th this year, Shyaka published an article titled “Orinfor begins charging money for news coverage” a story that alleged that the national broadcaster was actually asking for money for it to cover news items or events.

Orinfor did react to these claims in a story that ran on both Rwanda Television and radio and also posted on ORINFOR’s website on 18-05-2011.

In the rejoinder, the acting Director General of Rwanda Bureau of Information and Broadcasting, Willy Rukundo termed the claims by Shyaka Kanuma as baseless and utterly malicious. Rukundo said that probably the author (Shyaka Kanuma) had other hidden intentions in mind while publishing the article.

But on his part, Kanuma reads malice on the part of ORINFOR’s acting chief basing on the fact that he was not given a chance to give his side of the story or defend his allegations in the rejoinder story by Radio and Television Rwanda.

Shyaka now says that an analysis piece on the Orinfor Acting Director’s decisions to use state-owned, or publicly funded media to settle personal scores is coming soon in his publication.

Our effort to get the side of Orinfor’s acting DG were fruitless as he said he responded to our text message requestion for an interview with him by saying that he was holed up in a whole day’s meeting.

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