Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cases of Bribery on the Rise But Not Too Bad Yet, TI Warns

Transparency International, Rwanda chapter says it is happy with recent arrests of officials in various institutions over bribery cases. In just two weeks, a judge and a court registrar were arrested for taking bribes in Kigali and Southern Province in order to fix cases that they were overseeing. And just Wednesday this week, the police said it had arrested a judicial police who worked in Gikondo police station.  

Mukakibibi Immaculee was arrested after being accused of taking a bribe of 15,000 Rwanda Francs from Gerald Ntakirutimana who was an accused in a case where he is alleged to have offered protection to thieves in the area. 

Marie Immaculee Ingabire, the Chairperson of Transparency International-Rwanda chapter told Contact FM that this showed the commitment Rwandan authorities had in fighting the vice, she also commented on the fact that some of these suspects are in institutions meant to be at the forefront in the fight against corruption.

She says, 

" This is not surprising, they are also part of the Rwandan society, and that does not mean being a magistrate or working in judicial bodies, in itself can prove that the person is honest and of integrity.
But what is good is that those who are not honest and doing the opposite of what they are supposed to do; are now being prosecuted. That's precisely the impact, that's the political will, it is the determination of everyone to fight against corruption, but otherwise it's not surprising that members in these institutions are also corrupt. 

" It is already a very good thing for us precisely because we've always done a great awareness and a call for everyone to fight against corruption by all means. So now that judges and police officers are getting arrested for corruption, it shows that the awareness was not in vain, and that there is an awareness of all institutions in the fight against corruption.

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