Friday, April 29, 2011

Water Crisis Looming at CHUK

Water shortage at the Central University Teaching Hospital (CHUK) now for two days running could lead to an outbreak of various water borne diseases. 

Sources affiliated to the hospital Thursday revealed that the hospital has gone without water for two days running. 
There are fears that the problem could persist if the matter is not treated with at most urgency.

We interviewed members of the public and these were some of the responses

"… we are in serious need of water, it has been lacking since morning. And this is not the first time this is happening, it happens frequently. Sometimes we even go without water from morning till noon, then it comes for a short time then it goes again till evening. Lack of water is a big challenge for us, as you know in a hospital premises you can get infected with other diseases as it’s an area that its infested with germs. You can imagine a patient going for a whole day without bathing; the children too need to be washed to avoid getting infected with other diseases. Lack of water is a very embarrassing problem; the hospital looks dirty and smelly as there is no water to even wash the toilets or the bathrooms where patients take their bath. Like me am supposed to drink five liters of water per day, however I the hospital cannot even provide one liter for me to drink. We are so dehydrated and you know the various conditions people are hospitalized with, requires us to shower regularly." 
Grievances of some of the patients hospitalized at the CHUK hospital, speaking to our reporters who paid a visit to the hospital’s premises Thursday.

The situation however remains wanting for the hospitalized patients if the problem will not be dealt with. This is not the first time Contact FM is highlighting such a story on water shortage in Kigali hospitals, last year we also highlighted a story on the same situation at the Kibagabaga hospital, where patients were being brought for water from their homes. 

Efforts to speak with relevant official on the matter remained futile. 

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