Monday, April 25, 2011

Ingabire's Trial Set for May 15th

Leader of the yet to be registered FDU- FDU/INKINGI party has a date set for her trial. The High Court sitting in Kimihurura has set 15th May 2011 as the date to hear the case involving Ingabire. 

The High Court has blamed Ingabire Umuhoza Victoire for stalling her own trial after she delayed to respond to charges submitted in court by Prosecution. Ingabire, together with Major Vital Uwumuremyi were arrested on October 14 last year on charges of plotting to form a terrorist group, CDF as an armed wing of FDU/INKINGI and threatening state security. 

She denies all the charges saying her trial is a political one because of her opposition to the government. In January, Prosecution said it was ready to charge her in court and would therefore not ask for her prolonged provisional detention leaving court to set a date for her trial which has not been forthcoming.
Meanwhile in other news from the courts, the Catholic church has once again come under heavy criticism from some sections of the church for failing to take action against Athanase Seromba and Emmanuel Rukundo, two of its priests who were tried and convicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda for participating in the 1994 genocide against Tutsi.

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