Friday, April 29, 2011

Countries Form Pan-African Anti-Graft Body

Now the fight against corruption is set to be tightened this year as all countries in Africa are set to form an association with the common goal of preventing and combating corruption.

Speaking exclusively to Contact FM this Friday, Rwanda’s Ombudsman Tito Rutaremara revealed that the idea to form this association stemmed from Burundi, the country that was ranked among the most corrupt countries in last year’s corruption perception index, done by transparency international.

According to Tito, formation of such an association is very important in Africa as it will not only be helping to ease the handling of cross border corruption cases but countries will also learn from each other.

Meanwhile media reports from Burundi indicate the date for the next meeting for the East African Association of Anti-corruption has been set and it will be on the 19th of June. However the number of countries that will be in attendance is not yet confirmed.

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