Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Malnutrition and acquiring the mutual health insurance scheme are the two challenges that are yet to be dealt with by the Ministry of Health.
This was revealed at a joint health sector meeting held in Kigali Tuesday to discuss the accomplishments made by the health ministry in the past year and what has not been executed effectively in order to plan on how to improve and move forward.
Aline Niyonkuru is in charge of monitoring the execution of the EDPRS (Rwanda’s economic and poverty reduction strategy) programs at the ministry of health. 

Being on its third year since its implementation in 2009, various stakeholders Tuesday told contact fm that they are sure that such kinds of challenges will have been addressed by the year 2013.
Sixbert Nkuriki-Yumukiza is the Director of Kigema Hospital in Nyamagabe district, and he acknowledges the fact that thought his district too is vastly affected by malnutrition; the enactment of new policies to educate the public on eating a balanced diet will help foster the eradication of malnutrition.
The ministry now plans to strengthen its co-ordination which it terms as a challenge and focus its efforts in promoting good health habits.

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