Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Delegation Visits Ahead of the Cessation Clause

A Congolese delegation is in the country for a visit to see how much the country has changed and developed in order for them to share this with other Rwandan nationals in their country. The 10 member delegation consists of representatives of the Congolese government, representatives of the refugees in Congo and officials from UNHCR. 

The visit is organised under the tri-partite arrangement and it is as a result of a recommendation made in February to encourage refugees to come and see how the country is doing ahead of the cessation clause coming into effect in December this year.
The delegation will mostly visit state offices that are mandated to take care of the general welfare of the Rwandan people. The repatriation of refugees to the country is a voluntary exercise but the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Disaster management and refugee affairs, Jean Damascene Kayitana pointed out what the next process will be for those who choose not to come back.

The delegation will be here until the 22nd of April. The ministry says so far the visits courtesy of the come and see program have been successful with about 1,400 refugees having returned to Rwanda. So far 70,000 refugees are still outside Rwanda.

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