Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fire Safety Training Takes Place

A 3-day training workshop aimed at raising awareness about fire safety in buildings began on Tuesday for members of staff of government and private institutions as well as those from security firms. The workshop that is organized by the ministry of disaster management and refugee affairs will set the safety standards, based on the United Kingdom experience, for buildings across the country.
Ignatius Mugabo is one of the trainers and explains why it is time for Rwandans to be made aware of the importance of fire safety.

Notorious fires have already destroyed landmarks in Kigali such as the B-club and Ndaru coffee shop in the city centre and Ignatius says this workshop is also an opportunity for institutions to know where to get the necessary materials that would help prevent disasters.

That was Ignatius Mugabo, one of the trainers in the workshop hose also an expert on fire safety.

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