Friday, April 22, 2011

Kenya Police Issue Al-Shabaab Terror Alert

Kenya police have issued a terror alert targeting major population centres during the Easter period.  According to intelligence, the Somalia militant group al-Shabaab has threatened to carry out violent attacks on certain targets including shopping malls, places of worship, government buildings and recreational areas.
The Kenyan Commissioner of Police Matthew Iteere, however, assured the public that in conjunction with other security services, the police have taken measures to improve security in and around these possible targets.
Measures put in place include increasing security surveillance patrols. He has also advised management of social places and other areas where a large number of public is admitted to enhance security.
He encouraged the public to promptly report any suspicious activities or characters to police or other authorities and also thanked all Kenyans for the cooperation they had extended to the police especially in improving the flow of criminal information.

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