Friday, April 29, 2011

Judge Caught in the Act of Receiving a Bribe

A judge was caught red handed receiving a bribe of 100,000 RWF. We spoke to the police spokesperson Superintendent Theo Badege who told Contact FM that Judge Maombi Lilian was caught on Wednesday afternoon.

The money is believed to have been given to the judge so that she could hand down a favorable judgment on the case. This judgment was supposed to be handed today. So what happens to this case? The job of the accused judge and where does this act leave the credibility of the courts in general? 

Kariwabo Charles is the spokesperson of the Courts…. 
…The case is in hands of court, it’s not for a certain judge! If the judge who was supposed to give a verdict on that case is absent, the case will be restarted and taken up by another judge.But this doesn’t tarnish the image of courts but shows how serious we are to eliminate two or three judges who receive bribes out of the 500 we have. We will follow them until we have a clean record…” 

Kariwabo Charles the spokesperson of the Courts. Statistics indicate that in two years, 6 judges including court clerks have been arrested for taking bribes.

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