Friday, April 22, 2011

Teacher Training Colleges to Affiliate to KIE

The Ministry of Education and the Kigali Institute of Education (KIE) on Thursday held a half-day workshop for stakeholders in the teacher training sector to make them aware of the proposed amendments to the KIE law which they are meant to validate. 

This is the continuation of a process that began in the year 2007 when the policy on teacher management and development was enacted and it stated that all teacher training colleges and colleges of education must be affiliated to KIE. 
In an interview with Contact FM, Professor George Njoroge, the rector of the Kigali Institute of Education talked about the significance of affiliation.

Now much as the policy was already on the table in the year 2007, it took time to get implemented. A teachers’ reform summit with regard to the same took place in March last year and the need to implement the policy was stated again. 

After the summit, the Ministry of Education informed KIE that it was expected to implement the policy and other recommendations from that summit. For the policy to be implemented; there was need for the necessary statutory framework for KIE to be able to carry on with the mandate as per the policy. As we speak, the process itself is at the stage where amendments to the KIE law to incorporate affiliation are up for discussion and validation by different stakeholders.

Kabandana Jean Pierre, is a Principal at the Zaza Teachers training college, he termed the policy as a move in the right direction since it has lots of advantages

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