Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rwanda Introduces Mines' Safety Certification

Following a recent series of high profile mining accidents such as the one in Chile which saw 33 miners stuck underground for over two months in 2010 or the one in November of the same year where 29 minors died in New Zealand, the Rwandan ministry of forestry and mines is taking measures to ensure the efficiency of the mining industry here in Rwanda.
Mining is one of the top sources of government revenue and following the American congress legislation on "conflict minerals" signed into law last year demanding that minerals sold must be certified, Rwanda has had to also put in place this certification process.

One of the ways to ensure that the mining sector is properly overseen is by issuing certificates to mining companies, which the US has imposed since last year as the Minister of Forestry and Mines, Christopher Bazivamo, explains. 

For Bazivamo, this certification process is not only necessary to comply with the US legislation but is also good for all parties involved in mining in Rwanda.

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