Monday, April 18, 2011

Government to Vet Students for Financial Aid

Following the decision by the Ministry of ?Education in October 2010 to cut allowances for thousands of university students in order for the money to be used in other sub sectors of the education ministry such as basic education and development of the infrastructure to be used in the education sector, several students voiced their concerns over the issue. 

The government however added that there would be special consideration for those in critical need of this assistance. At the beginning of the academic year 2011, thousands of students who had been affected by that move were asked to fill in forms regarding their families’ income so that their cases could be reviewed at the local level. Contact FM got in touch with the governor of the northern province, Aimee Bosenibamwe who told us that committees have been set up to investigate the financial situation of families of all the students who are originally from the Northern Province.

Determining whether a family can afford to pay for its children’s studies is not as straight forward as counting the number of cows a family possesses but Aimee believes that the committees are objective enough and well equipped to deal with this verification.

This verification will have covered the cases of approximately 3000 students in the Northern Province, with similar verifications being conducted in other parts of the country.

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