Friday, April 29, 2011

Varsity Restaurant to Continue Operating

The student restaurant on the National University of Rwanda campus was threatening to close its doors on the 1st of May because of outstanding debts owed by the students.
The problem arose because of the decision by the Ministry of Education to scrap living allowances for many of the students who subsequently were unable to pay for their meals. The restaurant owners, thinking that a solution to the allowances was going to be found soon after the start of the new academic year, decided to allow students to eat on credit but 3 months later, the money still hasn’t come.
Fortunately for the students, the University itself has agreed to settle the debt in the mean time and the restaurant will not get shut on Monday.

Ildebrand further revealed that he has been in contact with the director general of the Student Financing Agency of Rwanda, Emma RUBAGUMYA, who has told him that the definitive list of students benefiting from the allowance should be out on Friday evening and he is hoping that the money will come through in the next two weeks.

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