Friday, April 15, 2011

Genocide Memorial Mentioned in France

A memorial dedicated to the genocide committed against the Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994, has been created in France. The event was solemnly held in the town of Cluny, in southern France.
This is an initiative of Ibuka-France and a personal effort from Landrade Rolland, a town Councilor in Cluny and also a member of Ibuka. She also happens to be the mother of Sonia Rolland, Miss France 2000. 

Contact FM joined Rolland in order for her to enlighten us on the path that led to setting up the memorial site. At the municipal square of Quinconces in Cluny, a ginkgo biloba tree was planted and a memorial stone placed in this county of southern Burgundy. 

The memorial site was inaugurated last weekend as part of the commemoration of the 17th anniversary of the genocide perpetrated during 100 days. 

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