Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rwandan Envoy in the UK Refutes MI-5 Claims Over Aid

The Rwandan High Commissionner to the United Kingdom has termed the allegations that Rwanda’s high commission is intimidating Rwandans living in the UK, as false.

He was responding to an article in the UK based Independent newspaper which alleged that he had received a warning from MI5 which stands for Military Intelligence, Section 5. MI5 is the United Kingdom's counter-intelligence and security agency

The article alleged that MI5 warned the high commissioner to stop an alleged campaign of harassment against suspected critics of Rwanda’s government based in the UK.

The article continues to say that Rwanda’s High Commissioner was told by the security service that the 83 million pounds in aid given by the UK to Rwanda could be cut unless the secret activities against the members of the diaspora were halted. 

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