Monday, May 16, 2011

Infrastrucure Ministry Hosts Meeting On Energy

Rwanda’s Ministry of Infrastructure is currently hosting two regional high level meetings that have brought together ministers of energy from Eastern/Central Africa region. The meetings include; the 3rd gathering of ministers responsible for electricity on Regional Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric and Multipurpose project.

The objective of the hydroelectric project is “to provide multi-purpose use of water and energy resources with investment in sustainable livelihoods in the project area”. The project output is the production of renewable hydroelectric energy of about 60 Megga Watts to support development in Burundi, Rwanda and Western Tanzania.

Participants will discuss the institutional framework and the financing agreements, feasibility study progress so far and the environmental and Social studies progress together with required arrangements for the project. The second meeting will be the 4th conference of Ministers of the East African Power Pool. 

This conference of ministers will decide among other things, the formal establishment of the new revised Permanent Secretariat and the regional Market Operations Centre and the country where the Regional Regulatory Commission will be based.

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