Monday, May 9, 2011

Five Charged Over Graft

Five people accused of corruption and misuse of public funds are now in police custody. Police spokesperson superintendent Theo Badege said that of the five people, one of them is a judge who is the court president of the first instance court based in Mugomwa in Gisagara district by the name of Nsengimana Elia as well as Mulindabigwi Jean Leonard, a court registrar. Nsengimana and Mulindabigwi are facing corruption allegations. 

The other two are facing two allegations-corruption and misuse of public funds charges-One is the executive secretary in one of the sectors in Gisagara district  by the name Ntiyamira David and an accountant-Ndugutse Aphrodis.

These sector officials are accused of issuing the court officials with a bribe of 300,000 Rwandan francs.
The fifth suspect also involved in this case who faces allegations of misuse of funds is an agronomist. The case file has been forwaded by the police to the prosecution for further action.

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