Thursday, May 26, 2011

Umuganda Dodgers Forewarned

Due to the poor attendance of the community service locally known as umuganda in the capital Kigali, authorities have put in place penalties for those who will not be taking part in this activity.
Some of the reasons raised as to why people in Kigali city don’t participate in the community services is poor planning and communication by their local leaders.
But depending on nature of profession or work, some people will be exempted from taking part in the monthly exercise
The Kigali city mayor Fidele Ndayisaba said that there are measures to deal with all problems to do with this community service in an interview with Contact FM’s  Richard Ndayambaje. The law establishing community works in Rwanda was approved on 17 November of 2007.
However, this law has been raising different reactions among city dwellers questioning why they were not consulted in the creation and the enacting process of this law.

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