Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mindset Hampering Reconciliation Efforts

Mindset and poverty are the two things that are reported to be hampering the unity and reconciliation process in Rwanda. This was reached at Thursday in a meeting held by the unity and reconciliation commission.
Jean Baptiste Habyarimana is the Executive Secretary of the National Commission for Unity and Reconciliation. Habyarimana pointed out that a survivor affected by poverty cannot readily participate in the process of unity and reconciliation.
According to Jean Baptiste Habyarimana, people’s mindset has been a key obstacle to achieving unity and reconciliation in the country.
He gives an example of the scrapping of allowances worth 25,000 Rwandan francs for university students which he says was a government directive put into effect beginning of this year in order to re-allocate the money to basic education as well as to other priorities in the education sector.
There was however an exception made for students who were in critical need for that assistance and that assistance has already been made available to them after a countrywide verification exercise.

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