Thursday, May 26, 2011

RURA to Revise Interconnection Charges

Rwanda is expected to have new interconnection fees come the 1st of July this year. This is according to the Rwanda Utilities and Regulatory Agency RURA. There has been an on-going study on the entire telecommunications sector which among other things, is expected to recommend new interconnection fees among telecommunication operators.

The current interconnection fee is at 40 Rwandan francs which, according to the telecoms regulator, is not cost effective and its reduction is expected to allow operators to lower prices and deepen mobile penetration. 

Meanwhile, Rwanda plans to adopt a SIM Card registration scheme and has set June next year as the deadline for sim card registration. RURA says this will help in curbing criminal acts made by cell phone users. 

The scheme is expected to be implemented within six months after cabinet has approved the law governing it. This move has already attracted some concern especially with regard to privacy but the regulator says, that is all covered in the law that will govern that registration.

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