Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Libyan Forces Bomb Misrata

The Libyan government forces bombarded the port of rebel-held Misrata with rockets and shellfire on Monday, disrupting operations to bring supplies in by sea to the besieged city.

A rebel spokesman complained that NATO forces had failed to act in defense of Misrata. NATO launched airstrikes overnight on positions held by Libyan government forces near the rebel-held town of Zintan and destroyed at least 10 tanks and vehicles.

NATO conducted 165 raids on Sunday, 60 of them intended as strike missions - to identify and engage targets but which do not always involve the use of munitions. Sunday's missions brought the number of raids conducted by NATO since it took command of western operations to 4,728.

Now with the situation moving from bad to worse, Contact FM sought an opinion from Andre Ekonangu, a professor at the Pretoria University in South Africa who is conversant with international relations on whether the mandate of North Atlantic Treaty Organization better known by its acronym NATO has been overstepped

Meanwhile, the deteriorating security conditions in Libya have prompted Turkey to suspend the operations of its Embassy in capital Tripoli. The Embassy personnel have been evacuated to neighboring Tunisia.

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