Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ingabire Trial to Proceed as Holland Holds on to Evidence

The Prosecutor General, Martin Ngoga has said that Holland has gathered all the evidence Rwanda requested in the case of Ingabire Umuhoza Victoire although they are yet to hand it over adding they would have gone ahead with the case regardless.
The trial of Ingabire, who was arrested on October 14 starts on May 16 where she is charged with genocide ideology, complicity to commit terrorist activities, spreading harmful propaganda, threatening state security and complicity in forming an armed group.
Prosecution had on several occasions asked for the extension of her provisional detention saying that they needed more time to gather evidence from foreign countries where Ingabire had lived or worked.
Some of the countries that Rwanda’s Prosecution requested to cooperate are Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Holland, Germany, DRC and Burundi among others. Ngoga says some of these countries have since cooperated while others haven’t.
Last December, Dutch police searched two homes in Rotterdam belonging to Ingabire and Ngoga says although evidence gathered hasn’t been handed over to Rwandan authorities, the case will go ahead as planned.

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