Wednesday, April 20, 2011

RBS okays Daily Fry

The Rwanda Bureau of Standards has approved a batch of Daily Fry cooking oil. Patrice Ntiyamira, the Deputy Director in charge of technical operations at the Rwanda Bureau of Standards confirmed to Contact FM that the batch of Daily Fry cooking oil that they tested is fit for consumption.

"Now in the quality analysis, tests are done, and when tests are positive then any laboratory or any institution can say this product has been tested and found to comply with the requirements of the standards and thereafter fit for consumption but that doesn’t guarantee that another batch would come out of the same quality. It may happen that another batch of the same product may come out and does not fulfil the requirements of the standards but as per the batch  we had question marks over, tests were done and tests show us that actually our concerns are not there so the batch itself is fit for consumption and that’s why we are saying it should go to the market."
Daily Fry cooking oil was recently under a lot of scrutiny after Uganda banned it from the market following a directive from the Ugandan government, citing quality issues. In mid-March, Contact FM was able to reach Saali Pelo, one of the three directors of Towrit Oil Company based in Kenya, the company responsible for refining this oil. Pelo disagreed with this move and termed it as malicious.

He said

"That’s a package of lies and I think Rwanda or Uganda or Kenya, it has a bureau of standards, isn’t it? There are people who check after the quality, we have equipment standards, technical standards, just because of business rivals, they put those stories into the newspaper. It’s one of the best oils in Eastern Africa forget about even the last numbers or bad quality, it’s number one or number 2, the best and we can prove this."
According to the Rwanda Bureau of Standards, tests on Daily Fry as well as on other cooking oil products will continue.

"Actually as I talk now, we are carrying out a round tests for all cooking oils on the market and this is not the first time and it is not the first product, we normally do it over a cycle of certain months to see how the products on the market whose capacity for testing we have, are performing."
Daily Fry Cooking Oil is imported from Malaysia and refined by Kenya’s Towrit Oil Ltd, which re-exports the product to Burundi, Uganda, DR Congo, Tanzania and Rwanda.

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