Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Besigye Arraigned in Court

Uganda’s opposition leader Kizza Besigye was Wednesday arraigned at the Nakasongola magistrate’s court under heavily armed security.
Hand-cuffed to another individual by the left arm, Besigye stepped out of the truck that ferried him from the prison at around 11: 00 am Ugandan time.
Among other things Besigye is facing charges of holding an unlawful assembly with intent to breach peace and cause violence, he is also charged with disobeying the law by participating and leading the walk to work demonstrations over escalating inflation.
Justine Atukwasa, the grade one magistrate at Nabweru Court, outside Kampala last week declined to hear his bail application, saying she was busy and also cited the fact that the state investigations are still ongoing.

As all eyes are on Kampala, to see if Besigye will be handed bail, Besigye’s followers and other opposition leaders are reported as plotting another walk to work.

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