Monday, April 25, 2011

Foreigners Behind Besigye, UG Declares

Uganda's government has accused veteran opposition leader Kizza Besigye of working covertly with some Western diplomats to topple the government by instigating mass uprising, Uganda's Daily Monitor reported Monday, citing the deputy principal private secretary to the Ugandan president.

Intelligence agencies have information that Besigye, the main challenger to President Yoweri Museveni during polls held Feb. 18, obtained funds for regime change, the privately-owned daily quoted Kintu Nyango as saying.

"What Besigye wants is to mimic what happened at Tahrir Square (in Egypt)--he wants to come and sit at the City Square and, using a rented crowd and hoodlums, cause fracas," he was quoted as saying.

Besigye was arrested last week and remanded in prison for leading protests against high food and fuel prices. At least five people have been killed in a crackdown against the protests, which have steadily been spreading from the capital to several towns in other areas. 

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