Monday, June 13, 2011

With Growth Comes Change

Dear Readers, 

Contact FM has been working on a new website. Starting today, the stories from your favorite radio station, CFM will now be posted on our new website

As we work toward the official inauguration of our website at the end of June 2011, you can continue reading all our coverage and much more on the new website. The new website will come with a number of new features. For example, we will have a blog section, we will also have live streaming. Currently we are working to ensure that the live streaming services, once installed will deliver our quality programming to wherever you may be visiting us from. 

The website will also for the first time have a business section, where you can search for different services on offer, right as you continue listening to your favorite radio station. 

Many more services will be offered so as to fit in well with your busy lifestyle. So from all of us here at CFM, we can only tell you to stay tuned and keep in touch!

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