Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ugandan Forces Stay Put at Migingo

Ugandan security forces on the disputed Migingo and Ugingo islands in Lake Victoria have defied exit orders issued by the Kenyan government. The officers have stayed put and continued with their operations despite eviction threats issued by the provincial commissioner of Nyanza Province Francis Mutie.

The PC had issued quit orders to both the Ugandans and Kenyans who had moved to Ugingo Island in a bid to restore calm in the area. But some of the Ugandan officers said they had not received “formal communication from Nairobi and Kampala to leave Ugingo” and were only reading about it in the newspapers.

A delegation led Mutie visited Migingo and Ugingo islands for the first time two weeks ago and asked Uganda to stop behaving in a manner likely to strain the good relations between the two East African nations.

The PC said the Ugandan marine police officers should be removed until the row is resolved. Mutie added that Uganda has been occupying Migingo island since 2004 whicg is wrong. Kenya’s land minister said records dating back to 1912 confirm beyond any reasonable doubt that the two islands are the property of kenya

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