Friday, June 3, 2011

Rwanda Declared to be a Manageable Risk

Rwanda has been rated as a country with manageable risk according to a survey released at the end of May by Strategico, a French organization that handles risk organization. Strategico looks at some specific factors such as arms and politics, economic issues such as the budget and financial stability, population issues, religion and social issues such as development, education, freedom of speech and so on. 

The organization concentrates specifically on African countries; it has noted Benin and Cote D’ivoire as the countries whose risk has reduced. Burkina faso’s situation especially politically has been termed as tense since after the elections there have been a series of protests and mutinies, Guinea has also been associated with risk as Conde is said to be scaring investors and the opposition while closer home in Uganda-the tense political situation and frequent protests have also made the country be taken as experiencing a high risk.

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