Friday, June 3, 2011

Update: Court Incompetent to Try Genocide Cases, Declares Danish Court

The Danish court of Roskilde, west of the capital Copenhagen said on Wednesday it has no competence to try Rwandan genocide suspects, a decision that reveals a legislative vacuum in Denmark.The court found that there was no legal basis for Denmark to pursue foreigners blamed for genocide in a third country. 

This decision will directly impact on the trial of Emmanuel Mbarushimana, a Rwandan genocide suspect who was arrested in Denmark in December 2010. However, the court said it was competent to try him on murder charges and would keep him under provisional detention in the meantime.

During the genocide, Mbarushimana was the inspector of primary schools in Muganza commune in former Butare prefecture in present-day southern province. Mbarushimana is alleged to have led a death squad involved in the massacre of 25,000 Tutsis in the town of Gasagara between April 21 and 25, 1994.  

The 49-years old arrived in Denmark in 2001 and lived in Roskilde, 30km west from the capital Copenhagen.
Rwanda’s Prosecution says there are at least 15 genocide suspects on Danish soil.


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